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  The Anatomy of a Landscape Design

Gwenythe’s hand drawn or CAD Blueprints give an overview of the entire landscape design. Plant listings and locations  are shown concisely.  This makes it easy for the Installer to follow the plan and cuts down on expensive relocations. The most important Landscape design element of all and yet the one that is least understood is that for a design to be successful it must blend the building seamlessly into its environment.  To achieve this, Gwenythe combines symmetry with biology, i.e. architecture with landscape. Because most buildings are made from geometric shapes and the Landscape is essentially a biological environment, great care is needed to join these two opposing forms together.

Her hand drawn conceptual renderings of a site offer a 3-D visual representation of the finished product.

This former Schoolhouse has been transformed in the interior into a complex of work rooms and offices that were tastefully decorated. However, the owners didn’t have a clue about what to do with the outside. They tried various awnings and signage but all lacked curb appeal.

This is what I came up with. Needless to say, the owners are excited. Simplicity is not only a virtue but in this case really adds to the ‘let’s stop and see what they have’ mind set of passers by. What follows is the conceptual sketch and the former front of the building. As you can see from the final rendering above, I did away with the small porch to the right and added a window in its place.



The exterior of any property, especially a commercial site, should serve as a snapshot of what potential clients may expect when they enter your door. In this case, clean lines and concise signage equal a good first impression.



The Adventure Begins! A Slideshow of a transformation.

This site went from woebegone to exciting. Each tier has a granite monolith set up with spigots and granite birdbaths at their base to catch any water overflow. All three tiers are underlit for a sculptural masterpiece at night.