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“Imagination is the soil that brings dreams to life.”

and whether a Landscape Design or Photographic works of Art, if you can imagine it we can create it!

We offer:

* Giclee reproduction on archival papers

* Oil or Acrylic overlays on Giclee

* Dibond transfers for washable outdoor/indoor works of art that are highly valued for their permanency

* Journals of the transformation of a site on archival photographic stock

‘Modus Evendi’

I want to celebrate the Landscape a good design creates. Tell its story, illustrate how each vignette enriches our lives.  A good Landscape photo is not just technically good; it also pulls you in and tells a story. Fortunate I am to have the passion of a creative spirit, an eye for color, and an interest in story telling which really are at the heart of good photography.  I love telling stories with my camera and sometimes if I am really lucky a happy accident will occur.  A striking butterfly, a pollen encrusted honeybee or a plant rimmed with dew creates what looks like a planned masterstroke. Or, perhaps it is a slice of light that just perfectly echoes the shape of the topiary, all with exquisite soft light, making the dew glisten and the golden grasses shine.

The photo below was taken shortly after an Ice storm with one of Gwenythes’ park like designs in the background.  As a commission from the client, Gwenythe had this scene printed on archival canvas in a process known as giclee.  She then painted over it with oils, framed and matted it.   It is now displayed as a prominent feature in the client’s study which overlooks this particular area.


Early Morning Mist rising in the background creates a mystical aura . This photo is gracing the client’s Florida Home in an effort to bring some of Connecticut with him. Since it is hanging outdoors and centrally located on a wall facing ocean sprays, Gwenythe had it reproduced on Dibond (vinyl covering metal) and framed in rust proof brushed aluminum. With this process, the photo will stand up to anything Mother Nature throws at it and is also washable.